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About the Club:

Malmö Floorball Club is an association with both broad and elite orientation, where womens/girls and mens/boys activities are given equal priority. Today, gender distribution in floorball in Sweden is about 70% boys and 30% girls, but our belief is that, with the right attitude, it can be 50/50.


Malmö Floorball Club is an association that chooses to make a difference! We believe in what we do and we constantly compete against ourselves. The feeling that everything is possible and the feeling of being able to be yourself and realize your personal dreams, are things that Malmö FBC wants to convey to everyone who in one way or another is involved with the association.


Malmö Floorball Club is an association that constantly looks at developing the business to become even better. The right attitude, determination, will, and a lot of joy are watchwords which most constantly characterize the direction of the club.


Malmö Floorball Club is an association that wants to give young people and older people a feeling of belonging to a team, i.e. being able to be who you are and feel safe in a pleasant environment.


Malmö Floorball Club wants everyone to feel welcome, so dont hesitate to try Malmö FBC. The choice is yours!

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