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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Game Recap 9/3 and Final Game Info
2024-03-14 12:07

Hi Everybody!

Last Saturday we played our final home game of the season. I want to thank all of you that have helped with the various tasks involved with being the host team. All season you have done an unbelievable job taking care of the secretary, live reporting, kiosk and building the court as well as cheering us on from the stands. Thank you so much for your engagement and support! It is greatly appreciated!


This is the same Lund team that we met in the Fall. After playing against them we discovered that they have 2-3 very developed players that they rely on for most of their offense. On defense they would be aggressive and not allow space and their goalkeeper is very good. This is exactly what they did. We came into this game with a depleted squad of only 12 outfield players. This meant that the boys would have to make unusual substitutions with uneven lines. In the first period we were fortunate to only allow them two goals. They played with a team approach and created many chances. This is evident in that both of their goals were scored by the same defensive player coming from an assist. The first period ended 0-2 to Lund.

We knew that they would change up in the second period and they did. They shifted from team play to focusing on their best player getting the ball to him and letting him dominate their possession. He scored two unassisted goals within the first minute of the period. At the same time, we adjusted our strategy from defensive to offensive focus. The boys initially recovered from the shock allowing two immediate goals and did not allow them to score again until 13 minutes into the period when Lund’s key player struck once again for the third time in the period. We became so desperate to score a goal that we lost focus on our defense and left a Lund player completely alone who ended up gathering a long pass and scoring just as the period ran out leaving a 0-6 scoreline. That goal really frustrated the boys and made it difficult for us regain focus going into the third period.

The third period began with us picking up a penalty within the first minute. However, the boys responded by scoring a short-handed goal and killing off the rest of the penalty. Lund then continued to play a hybrid strategy of the first two periods by focusing on their key players and looking for simple passes when we double teamed them. Their key players went on to score five more goals between them for the remainder of the period with a few more from team play. As a team we were frustrated and lost our focus. We were not communicating with each other, and we did not work as a team defensively and offensively we did not use our team play. It was a tough game that we should be able to learn from.


This Sunday 17/3 we will play our final game of the season. It would be great if we could have as many of the boys participate as possible! So, if it is possible to choose floor ball over other competing activities this weekend it would be greatly appreciated!

It is an early start (samling 08:00) all the way up in Helsingborg. The game starts at 09:00. I have space for 3 in my car. Please let me know if you would like to get a ride with us by sending me a text or email.

Also, since it is our last game of the season, we thought it would be nice to eat lunch together after the game. In order to include as many as possible one suggestion is to drive back to Pizza Hut in Lockarp. We are open to suggestions. It would be at your own cost and everyone that would like to is welcome to join.

I hope to see all the boys at practice tonight!


All the best,


stötta oss
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