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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Match Recap Gantofta 2/3
2024-03-05 05:21

Hi Everybody!

On Saturday we played our fifth game of the Spring series against Gantofta. Gantofta won their Fall series and currently sit top of our table together with Höllviken, so this is a strong team to say the least. We only had a squad of 13 players which left us with only 12 outfield players.  

Much like the Höllviken game, it took the boys a little time to settle into the game. Gantofta scored a goal within the first minute and they followed up with two more within the first 5 minutes. Six minutes into the game the score was 0-3 to Gantofta. After their third goal we started to settle down and began playing much tighter on defence.  We were able to score a goal and the first period finished with a 1-3 lead to Gantofta. Gantofta is a strong offensive team, so our plan was to play very defensively in the first period and change our approach in the second period.

In the second period, Gantofta scored four goals in the first two minutes of the period. This drained our energy and mental strength, and we began to lose focus. Some players grew frustrated and angry and allowed negative emotions to take over. This is one aspect of mental strength that we often talk about at practice, how it is important to control these strong emotions and not let them take over. When things are going against us, we need to fight to remain positive and focused, otherwise negativity will rob us of our focus and our ability to do our best. Some players did remain focused and continued working. Our best goal of the game came towards the end of the second period after being dominated all period. Knut pressured and won the ball (steg 1) and then found Neo in front of the goal with a nice pass that led to a goal (steg 2). The period ended with the score 4-12 to Gantofta.

The third period continued much as the second period. It was a tough game against a strong team. This game was very similar to our game against Höllviken. Not just the final score. We met the strongest team in the series with a diminished squad and we did not perform our best. The biggest difference between the two games is that against Höllviken we remained positive and kept fighting the entire game. In this game we lost our focus as a team.

However, there is one very positive thing that we should keep in mind. Not one single team has scored 6 goals in a game against this Gantofta team all season both Fall and Spring. Not even Höllviken. They only scored 4 against this Gantofta team.

Practice at our usual times and locations this week and our next game is on Saturday at Kirsebergs Sporthall samling 11:30. I hope to see all the boys there!

All the best,



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