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Game Recap Malmhaug 10/2
2024-02-11 16:57

Hi Everybody!

It’s long one, please take the time to read and share with the boys.

Yesterday we played our 4th game of the Spring series against Malmhaug. This is not the same Malmhaug team we met in the Fall, but rather a more developed and competitive team in their club.

Once again, the coach of the opposing team took issue with us having 3 over age players on our team sheet meaning one of our older players could not participate in the match. This time Rufus was not allowed to play. Rules are rules and we have already been granted exception as a team for our boys born 2010. We have 3 players born before that and we are only allowed to play 2 in a game. If anyone has questions or concerns about this, please contact me or anyone on the coaching staff for further explanation. It breaks our hearts to exclude any of our boys. Going forward our last few games of the season we will abide by the rules in order to be sure to not incur any unnecessary fines or penalties to the club.


We knew in advance that we would be without Ismael for this game. Then the evening before we were forced to cut Rufus from the lineup. The morning of the game Oscar woke up feeling ill meaning that we would be without 3 of our regular defensive players. On top of that Christian was not able to join us meaning that I would be without my trusted confidant and right-hand. Our practice all week focused on implementing new formations and tactics meaning we would push the boys out of their comfort zone, and you never know how the response will be as a team. I knew it could be risky but we need to keep evolving as much as possible the remainder of the season.

Their response was incredible!

I don’t want to give away our strategy here but please ask the boys to explain it to you or speak with us coaches after practice if you are curious.

We spent a lot of time in our pre-game meeting reviewing our lineup and discussing individual roles. I could see that a few of the boys were quite nervous and the best way to overcome nerves is with preparation. We were forced to reinforce our defensive squad with Viggo, Mateo, Max and Levi. All four of them are not used to playing defence, but they ALL did a fantastic job filling in our defensive gaps.

Period 1

It took about 3 minutes for Malmhaug to score the first goal of the game. We encouraged the boys to stay focused and continue with the game plan. The rest of the period was a back-and-forth affair with the period ending with a 3-3 scoreline.

Period 2

We could see and hear that our strategy was working so we made our planned changes going into the second period. We were creating chances, but it was not until Malmhaug committed a penalty that we took the lead through a powerplay goal. Directly after the following face off we got another goal giving us a two-goal lead. About a minute later we committed a foul and Malmhaug were awarded a penalty shot. Elias made a great save and maintained our two-goal advantage! A couple minutes later they caught us in confusion during a free hit and they snuck in behind our defence for and easy tap in goal. We continued to keep focus and work our game plan and 3 minutes later we found the back of the goal again regaining our two-goal advantage. The second period ended with a 4-6 scoreline in our favour.

Period 3

We made our planned adjustments for the final period. The boys were focused and working hard. They were disrupting Malmhaug’s flow by blocking shots and we were creating offense at the other end. As the period wore on, I saw that with all our great efforts Malmhaug was starting to throw everything they had at us by playing all their most developed players and playing much more physically. With just over half the period played they scored and reduced our lead to just one. I noticed that they were trying to exploit some of our weaknesses, and I wanted to make a change in tactics, but I didn’t want to affect the boys’ confidence either by calling a timeout. Luckily for us our opponents did it for us! With 5 minutes left in the game Malmhaug called a timeout and I immediately adjusted our setup and the boys understood without hesitation. This frustrated Malmhaug as we quickly reestablished control in our offensive zone resulting in them committing a penalty and giving us a man advantage. 15 seconds into the penalty they demonstrated their frustration again and committed a second penalty giving us a two-man advantage. 12 seconds later we scored and regained a two-goal lead. 90 seconds later we scored again giving us a 3-goal lead with about 90 seconds left in the game. It is important to know and remember that the last 3 minutes of the game is effective time meaning that the clock is stopped whenever play stops so a lot can happen during this time. However, our boys kept focus and played out the game to a 3-goal victory!

When we win, we hand out 3 different awards and a game ball. We now let the boys decide the recipient of the 3 awards and this week’s selections were:

VIGGO – Hardest Blocked Shot – The boys have to compare bruises and decide who has the biggest, bluest bruise. Viggo had a perfectly ball-shaped bruise on his inner thigh. OUCH! Look for the picture on our team webpage.

FRANK – Most Blocked Shots – The boys selected Frank for this one as he did an excellent job defensively by never giving up on plays and making sure he or his stick were in the way of their passing lanes. He constantly disrupted and frustrated the Malmhaug offense.

SAMUEL – Mr Hustle – The boys gave this award to Samuel as he put in a really good effort all over the pitch. He made several really good defensive plays in critical moments, scored 3 goals, and had two assists.

ELIAS – GAME BALL – Elias played a fantastic game in goal. He made so many incredible saves throughout the game and even saved a penalty! He controlled play when possessing the ball, made good decisions when releasing the ball and even made good throws that led to offensive situations.

A couple more quick notes about the day. Even though Rufus was not allowed to play he came and supported his team from the bench. I was so happy that he did that!

Also, Oscar woke up feeling under the weather, but he still came out and produced analysis for us from his perspective that helped us in the breaks. Two really good examples of teamwork and leadership!

Please, don’t forget to check out our team website at:

You can find updates, pictures, and our calendar events there.

Please note that we will practice as normal this week on Tuesday but our practice on Thursday has been moved to Toftanäs at 18:30 -20:00 where we will play a practice game against F09-10.

Also, please send me a SMS or mail with quick info of availability during Sportlov. The plan is to practice as usual, but I will also check if there are other teams that want to practice together for the fun of it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope to see all the boys at practice next week.

All the best,                                           


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