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Match Recap Höllviken 21/1
2024-01-23 12:13

Hi Everybody!

On Sunday we played our second game of the Spring series against Höllviken IBF P11.  This is one of the teams that we lost to in the Fall series. As we experienced in the Fall this is a well drilled and organized team with a very competitive mindset. Going into this game we knew that we would be without a few of our more seasoned players meaning we would have to adjust our lineup to compensate for this. On top of that, for the first time, the coach from the opposing team took issue with the fact that we had three over age players on the team sheet. The rules state that we can only play two of them in a game. I will not go into all the details and discussion that followed but rather say that we made the painstaking decision to replace Elias with an under-the-weather Samuel.


All week we could see that the boys were anxious about meeting Höllviken again. We knew that Höllvken would come out with energy and pressure and try and control the game. That is exactly what they did.

Neo cleanly won the opening faceoff, but we did not control it and they immediately pressured us in our own zone leading to a centering pass and a Höllviken goal within the first few seconds of the game. This only fed their confidence and reinforced our fears. Höllviken scored a couple more times in the opening 5 minutes. We become more tentative allowing them space and they relaxed and controlled every aspect of the game. Höllviken kept their pressure up, attacked and screened our goal and continued scoring with ease. It was difficult to watch but there are a few positives to take away from the game. Roses and thorns as I call it. There were lots of thorns this day, but we should not forget the roses we witnessed either.

  1. We talk about various aspects of mental toughness and one aspect is to not act out aggressively in anger. We got our butts handed to us, but I did not see any of our boys act out unnecessarily physical. No pushing or hacking with the stick. No swearing or threatening the other team. No talking down or criticizing their teammates either. I was very happy and proud about that.


  1. Neo stepped up in a difficult situation and led his team as team captain. It was not an easy task he was asked to do but when called upon he answered the call. We want to create a team full of leaders and we cannot achieve that without demonstrations of leadership. Neo definitely did that by putting in extra long shifts, staying positive and talking with his teammates on the bench.


  1. Pietro continued to fight and did his best to lead with his play. Pietro was extremely frustrated throughout the game. They recognized his skill and pointedly tried to neutralize him by not allowing him any space. He picked up 2 two-minute penalties but, I did not see that he acted out in an inappropriate way in response.


  1. With virtually no preparation Samuel took on the daunting role of goalkeeper when asked to fill in. We knew that it would not be an easy day in goal, and it was not. I knew that he was not going to be able to run due to illness and by him filling in it allowed us to have one more outfield player that we would have been without.


  1. During our team talk after the game the boys were understandably down but many were able to analyse where they lacked individually and how that led to us lacking as a team. Self-reflection and self-awareness.


The game ended with a resounding 15-0 result. As coaches we knew that going into this Spring series was going to challenge us unlike the Fall. Our hope is that it helps us to build positive character and a better understanding of how we need to improve. In order to help the boys develop at this level I have three basic steps to winning. 1) Win the ball, 2) Cooperation, 3) Individual development. We have not had much stated focus on the third step, but my hope is that this result will encourage the boys to understand the importance of this step.

Practice times as usual this week, but unfortunately, I am away on Tuesday so Christian and Jan will take over. On Thursday I am back where our A-laget mentor Måns Persson will join us.

Until then all the best,




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