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Game Recap Engelholm 14/1
2024-01-19 18:12

Hi Everybody!

Last Sunday we played our first game in the newly formed Spring series (svår).

The way it works is in the Fall series teams in our level are divided into 3 groups or series (North, West, South) based on geography. After the Fall series is complete the federation mixes up the teams from the 3 series based on results and creates 3 new series (Difficult, Medium, Easy). We are in the Difficult series for the Spring.

Our first game was against North series runners-up FBC Engelholm P11. All week I could sense that the boys were about nervous about playing in the new tough series. In preparation for the game we had a lot of focus on positioning and tactics as well as team play and mental toughness.

We were initially one defender short of having three full lines so we recruited help from Joar who plays in another FBC team. Joar did a great job of adapting to our style of play and is natural leader in the locker room.

Unfortunately by the time game day arrived we had two more players out sick.  This meant that we only had two and a half lines and we were forced to modify our original game plan. All the boys adapted very well to this.
It was a very even game as the final score of 3-4 demonstrated.

The first period ended with a 0-2 advantage to Engelholm. Their first goal was a purely lucky goal and the second goal was a well played goal. We went into the break and talked to the boys about digging deep and using positivity to feed into their mental strength. The game was far from over as long as we continued to play our game. We made a few line adjustments and started the second period.

About 3 minutes into the second period Engelholm scored a third goal. The boys remained positive and kept fighting. About 5 minutes later we finally got on the board with a really nice team goal. About 4 minutes later we got a second and the period ended with the score 2-3 to Engelholm. Aside from their early goal we dominated the period.
In the break we re-emphasized our game plan, talked about what we were doing that was working and what we needed to do better. Our energy and morale was high going into the third period.

The third period was a tightly contested period. About 11 minutes into the period they scored again giving them a two goal advantage with about 4 minutes left to play. Roughly a minute after the restart we got one back. We had around two and a half minutes to find an equalizer. In that time we had a handful of really good chances but the Engelholm keeper kept us out.

It was a really fun game and I know (and I am happy that) the boys were a little disappointed with the result, but they played a really good, clean game! They maintained their focus both individually and as a team. I think this game also served to show them that they can compete in this new series.
I hope all the boys enjoyed the game as much as I did!

Our next game on Sunday is against Höllviken, the team that won our series in the Fall. We will be without a few players due to scheduling conflicts, but I am sure it too will be an exciting game.

A side note:
I think it is important for us as a team, both players and coaches, to that we keep our ambitions aligned. Yesterday we started practice by having a team discussion about; What we enjoy about playing floor ball? What we enjoy about playing on this team? & What our ambitions are as a team? I encourage you to talk to the boys about these things as well. As a group we came to the conclusion that we all like to win but enjoying ourselves is more important than winning every game. Everyone seems to like being part of the this team and that personally makes me very happy.
As a group we also agreed that we prefer when everyone is involved rather than only some.

I am looking forward to our next game on against Höllviken on Sunday!

Until then all the best,


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