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Game Recap Lomma 25/11
2024-01-19 14:09

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday we played our fifth game of the season against Lomma. Our practice preparation for this game focused heavily on the floor ball fundamentals of shooting and passing. 
We were confident that this was a game we could be successful in if we used the tools we have been working on in practice.

The evening before the game we had a handful players fall ill meaning that we had to reorganise how we lined up for this game and that it would be an extra tough game for our boys as they would need to play more minutes than they are used to. The biggest change was that our goalkeeper Elias was not able to participate, but Sune was willing to fill in for our missing shot stopper. With hardly any practice under his belt Sune took on the task and did well to keep alert and focused making a handful of really good saves!

We reorganised our lines and adapted our game plan to the reduced lineup we had. The boys all responded well to the last minute changes. Our player substitutions were seamless throughout the entire game. On the court we defended and attacked exactly as we have been practicing. Our defenders pressured the ball carrier and covered the middle and our Centers reinforced our defensive positions where needed. 
We were able to pin Lomma back in their own zone most of the game by using our fore-checking strategy. After winning the ball the boys were passing to each other with 1-2s and give and go plays just as we have been working on.

The game finished with a 3-6 win to us! We created many scoring opportunities and kept our focus both individually and collectively throughout the entire game. It was a good demonstration of mental strength from all the boys!

After the game we handed out a few awards.

The honours went to:

Levi - Hardest Blocked Shot - Even though Levi lined up as an attacker he worked hard to get back on defence and he took home this honour by producing a perfectly ball shaped bruise just above his knee. Ouch

Sune - Most Blocked Shots - Sune stepped up and filled in for our missing keeper and did a really good job of maintaining focus, remaining calm with the ball and made some really nice saves that helped us keep the game under control.

Oscar - Mr. Hustle - Oscar did a great job keeping pressure on the ball. He never gave up on plays and recovered in situations that could have led to easy scoring opportunities for our opponents. Also, he made some really good runs forward and found himself in great offensive situations on several occasions!

Neo - Game Ball - Not only did Neo play a great game from Center on line 2, he also took on the role as Team Captain. I think he won every face-off he took, he was a key figure both offensively and defensively whenever he was on the court and he led warmups and helped keep his teammates focused on the game at hand. Well done!

It should also be noted that Pietro scored a double hat-trick yesterday!!! Quite a feat!

I hope the boys all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Normal practice schedule next week, but I am away so Christian will take over head duties.

Reminder, our next game against Stanstad has been moved from next Saturday to the following Tuesday 5/12.

I hope all the boys are healthy and are at practice next week.

All the best,


stötta oss
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