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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Game Recap Höllviken 18/11
2024-01-19 14:07

Hi Everybody!

Today we played against series leaders Höllviken. 
We learned today that this Höllviken team has been together for eight years and played in the Red Level for three seasons. 

The first period ended with only a 2 goal advantage to them. We were creating chances, they were quick and we had a difficult time creating space to get off shots. We were really good using the things we have practiced. We were after the ball, creating turnovers and even pressed them back in their own zone at times. 

Making one or two goals can easily change the dynamic of the game and we were unlucky to not find the back of the goal in the first two periods. In the second period we had a handful of good chances but again we did not score whereas they put four past us.

To start the third period we tried to shake up our lines a bit with the hope to catch them off balance a bit and try and create some quick shots on goal. Our focus turned toward offensive pressure meaning our backs were more vulnerable to counter attacks and this seasoned Höllviken team was ready pounce on the opportunity and they were able to get two more goals past us in the third period. We did score one in the third meaning we kept them from shutting us out.

I am very pleased with our performance today even if is not the result we were hoping for!

Elias did a really good job in goal and we aggressively chased the ball, passed up the sides and were really good at shifting players!  We didnt take on any penalties and we kept our heads in the game and didnt act out in frustration when calls went against (focus and mental strength) just like we talk about in practices.

A little extra note: Henrik spoke with one of the Höllviken coaches after the game and he said that we were the toughest challenge they have faced all season so far. 

Practice as usual next week and another chance to play a game next Saturday away against Lomma. 

Thanks for all the help and support today!

I hope to see all the boys at practice on Tuesday!

Until then, all the best,


stötta oss
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