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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Match Recap Palmstaden 12/11
2024-01-19 14:04

Hi Everybody!

Better late than never, here is a short recap from our game last weekend against Palmstaden. 

Due to the results in our series so far this season we were confident that we were a stronger and more organized team than Palmstaden. This allowed us to experiment with our line constructions. 

Our game plan was to be aggressive early and try and build a commanding lead over the first two periods. If we could do that it would allow us to let our players with less game experience to get considerable more game time in the third period. We communicated this clearly to the boys before the game. 

7 minutes into the match we finally scored and broke the deadlock. Unfortunately, Palmstaden tied the game about 3 minutes later. We kept up our high pressure and ended the first period with a 1-4 lead. 

We decided to continue with our original match plan into the second period to see if we could widen the gap going into the third period. Neither side scored in the second period and we started the third period with the same score 1-4. We created scoring opportunities but just did not take advantage of them. 

We then tried to even out the play time between the lines in the third and Palmstaden narrowed our lead. Fortunately for us we started to find the back of the net with the many opportunities we created and we started to take clear control of the game. The game ended with a score 4-9 and a win to us. 

We learned a lot from this game that will help us prepare our squad going forward in the season. It also highlighted clear areas we need to focus on in practice. 

After the game we recognized several players for their play. The honours went to:

Most Blocked Shots - went to Rufus. Rufus did a great job breaking up plays and not allowing their forwards to take clear shots at our goal.

Hardest Blocked Shot - went to Elias. Elias won this one with a good bruise on the inside of his elbow. He had a really good game in goal!

Mr. Hustle - went to Noah. Noah was very consistent in pressuring the ball carrier (steg 1 ??) and making sure our middle was covered.

Game Ball - went to Jonatan. Jonatan had a really good all round game. He was solid in the back and pressed forward exactly how we have been working on in practice.

I hope to see everyone at our game against Höllviken tomorrow where we will experiment with a new match tactic that we have been training at all week!

All the best,


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