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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Premier Match Re-cap 14/10
2024-01-19 13:57

Hi Everybody! 

Today we played our first "real" match in the Red level! 
It was a very fun and exciting game and the boys got their first win!!! 

Neo was given the captains armband today and did a good job with it!

We were a couple players short today meaning we only had 13 outfield players or two and a half lines. This meant that we had two players that played double shifts, Neo and Samuel. This is not anything we have practiced, but after a few shifts everyone seemed to get the hang of it. GREAT WORK & EFFORT BOTH NEO AND SAMUEL!!!

The first period ended 1-2 to us. Our style of play right now is with a lot of tempo and pressure on the ball, steg 1. Our defensive players were really good at pressuring the ball and covering the middle! Just like we practice

The second period ended 3-4 to us. The game was really back and forth and the boys kept their focus and stayed positive. It was clear that our tactic of high pressure was starting to take its toll on the boys but at the period break we decided to try and push it for one more period. Our goal for the third period was to not let them score.

Ten seconds into the third period Malmhaug scored a goal ??. The boys lined up and kept working. A few minutes later Malmhaug scored again and took the lead. The boys did a good job of staying positive and keeping focus but it was clear that their energy was starting to wear thin. Then we got caught with too many players on the floor meaning we had to play with one player less for two minutes.

 The boys killed the penalty and shortly after tied the game!  There was a bit of confusion after the penalty but the boys regained their focus and fought through a lot of uncertainty, tiredness and frustration. A few minutes later we scored again and took the lead 5-6! In the last 3 minutes Malmhaug was awarded a free hit 6 meters in front of our goal. The boys defended it well and in the moments after  Malmhaug were caught with too many players on the floor meaning we got to play with an extra player the last two minutes.

Right at the end of the game Samuel was on a break away and was tripped by a Malmhaug player resulting in the last action of the game being a penalty shot by Samuel. Samuel made the penalty and the game ended 5-7 to us!

After games we give out a few awards in the form of a ball that they get to hang on to and play with at home until our next game.

The first award HARDEST BLOCKED SHOT went to Oscar!

Next award MOST BLOCKED SHOT went to Elias!

Another award MR. HUSTLE went to Samuel!

The GAME BALL went to our captain today Neo!

It was a really good effort from all the boys today!

I hope to see everyone at practice on Tuesday.

Below is a link to our series table.

All the best,


stötta oss
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