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Pojkar 08-12 Husie/Slottstaden

Practice Game Recap 5/10
2024-01-19 13:52

Hi Everybody!

Yesterday we played our first game as a team, our first game at the Red Level on a full size court 5 on 5.  It was an excellent opportunity for everyone, players, coaches and parents, to see and experience what playing at this level involves. 

This is a new level for all of us and this season will demand more from players, parents and coaches. 

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to all the parents that came out to support and help us! Especially those of you who took on the daunting task of match secretary and game clock management! This season will not be possible without your support!


Not only was this our first game at the Red Level, it was the first game ever for a couple of the boys so there were a lot of nerves. 
As a team we have not been practicing together very long at all but I was very happy to see the progress we have made.
Malmhaug have been practicing together for several years and the game finished with a one goal advantage to them. I am very happy with the effort from all the boys! 

We picked up one 2 minute penalty for too many players on the court. This meant that we had to play with only 4 players for 2 minutes. We have not had the opportunity to focus on practicing or discussing this aspect of our new level at all so a really good lesson to learn in a practice game  

We have really been trying to cram many different aspects of the game into our practices such as fundamentals, mindset, focus and discipline not to mention substituting players in and out, positioning, game rules and basic tactics.
I know it is unavoidable sometimes, but especially at this point, when a player misses a practice they miss something we build off of in the next practice.

Our primary building blocks are something we call "steg 1 och steg 2", winning the ball and working as a team. I saw a lot of both yesterday ?? and both Christian and I were very happy about that! 

As coaches, we are also experimenting with how to best put this squad together and there are many factors to consider. It is a new task for us as well.

The more players we have the more we can accomplish at practices. I know a couple of the boys were not happy with how much play time they got yesterday. To that I want to say that there is going to be opportunities for EVERYONE to get game time but not everyone will get the same amount of game time. The more each player absorbs all the different aspects of the game mentioned above the easier it will be to even out game time. 

It was really good to be up and running again!

Hopefully we will have a chance for a practice game with another FBC team next week where we will not host meaning no secretary duties . 
More information will come when I receive confirmation. 

Please share this message with your boys and I hope to them all at practice on Tuesday!

All the best,


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